Thursday, January 19, 2012

Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes! - Making over an old pair of flats.

  If you haven't checked out Aunt Peaches' blog, do yourself a favor.

  Ever since I saw this post, and this post, I've wanted to revamp an old pair of shoes. I would live in flats and flip flops, if the Michigan weather would let me, so I thought I would give some new life to a sad, doggie-chewed, pair I found in a local thrift store.

  This is a perfect project for the pretty little scraps you have!

   I started with removing the bows (and saving them for who knows what craft later).

   Since I couldn't find my Tacky Glue, I sprayed the outside of the shoes with spray craft adhesive. Let it sit for a minute before attaching the fabric. This allows it to get tacky and will hold better.

  Cover with fabric and smooth into place.

   When you cut the center, make sure you leave enough to fold inward and glue.

   On the lower edge, I used a box cutter to trim up the fabric.

   I thought a nice trim would do a lot for the raw edges. If you want something less obtrusive, you could always use thin bias tape or fabric paint. For the heal, I made a simple fold like wrapping a gift, and use hot glue to keep it in place.

   When finished, I spread a layer of white glue all over the fabric and trim to seal it in and make sure it stays put.

   When dry, they're ready to wear!

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