Sunday, January 30, 2011

Link Party Monday

Link it up! Please show off those great projects you have been working on. It doesn't necessarily have to be a sewing thing, but it does need to be your work and a link the the specific blog post (not just the general blog).Tomorrow I will be featuring my favorite(s)!

Begins 12:00AM Monday, Ends 11:59PM Monday

Link Party Coming Tomorrow

Don't forget, I am starting a regular Link Party on Mondays. Show us something you made and link to it's specific post (not just your general blog) starting tomorrow. On Tuesday I will feature my Favorite(s)!

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Friday, January 28, 2011

From Frumpy Sweatshirt to Cozy Wrap-Quick Fix!

I can not believe the things I find at the Dollar Store these days! I bought two of these sweatshirts with plans of making one of those pretty and cozy wraps.

First, I cut the front off of one sweatshirt following the side, sleeve seam, and shoulder seam.

On the second shirt, I cut straight up the sides through the sleeves, and then across the top just under the collar.

Then, putting the bottom edge ribbing of Piece 1/Sweatshirt 2 on the collar of Sweatshirt 1, sew the short end to the first sweatshirt following the side and sleeve seam. I found it fit better if I cut the remainder sleeve off of the piece where I sewed it. I think you will see what I mean when you put this together.
Bottom Ribbing at the Collar of Sweatshirt #1

Sew both pieces on this way.

That's as easy as it gets! I trimmed a little from the front bottom edge of the two pieces for my own tastes (and height).

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pretty in Plaid: Link Party Feature Plus Another Clothing Makeover

So the Link Party wasn't a smashing success. I still hold out hope, though. I would like to make it a regular feature here, so please let me know in the comments if you would actually participate. Remember, Link Parties are a great way to cross promote your blog and find new favorites.

Emma from Flytape was lovely enough to share her recent makeover of a side-of-the-road-find. Check out the transformation:

She made this pillar a great place to keep her laptop!

I also love Emma's other projects, like...

Bottle cap Catcher

Watchband Makeover

Christmas Lights Ball

 Head on over to Flytape and get to know her!

Pretty in Plaid

Oh yeah, rockin' a plaid jumper. The label says it's a "Ty Original"... sorry Ty, there's nothing original about a plaid jumper.

I am diggin' the plaid, though. So I think I'll just make it over.
First to go are those pockets.

Then a cut just above the waist to sever the bodice (I'm keeping this and it may make an appearance later)

The skirt portion is split on both sides and fringed at the bottom (who says a 3rd Grade Teacher can't be sexy?), and that's gonna go.

I cut some 4in. strips from a black lining fabric...

Made some bias tape from a piece of the fringed bottom...

and put the two together...

Next I did the ruffle shuffle...

and sewed it in place at the bottom edge.

After some elastic at the waist, I have a new skirt.
I really must pay more attention to those threads BEFORE the picture is taken. LOL

Monday, January 24, 2011

A Link Party!

I love a good link party! I get so many ideas and new blogs to follow that way. So I thought I would host one myself.

Here's the dealio: Post a project you have completed yourself, more than one is fine Then, check out what your fellow crafters/artisans have been up to. Simple as that.

Since Tea Rose Home has such great ideas, I think I will follow suit and post some of my favorites from the list on Wednesday (along with another clothing makeover).

Have fun!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Make Your Own Sackboy Doll/Plushie

You may have heard the video game Little Big Planet 2 has recently made it's debut. My sons loved the first version and have been begging for the game and game system for months. Well that's a little out of the reach of my budget. Luckily they have cousins that own the game. ;)  What I can provide is a character plushie.

If you don't happen to have a sewing machine, this is a small project that would be very easily done by hand.

You Will Need:

  • Brown Knitted Fabric
  • Black Fabric
  • Red Fabric
  • Stuffing
  • Black Buttons
  • A Zipper

First you will need to cut your body pieces. It's important to cut the grain or lines of the knit in the way indicated due to streatching.
I will be using a brown scarf bought at the dollar store.

Head A- 3in x 6in cut with the knit lines going the 3in length
Head B- 2in x 6in cut with the knit lines going the 2in length
Circle- 3in (I used a child's drinking cup for this)
Body- 3.5in x 3.5in
Legs and Arms- 3in x 3.5in cut with the knit lines going the 3.5in length

Putting it Together

1.) The head consists of the two pieces, joined around the mouth. To make the mouth, I cut a piece from the cardboard tag (cereal box cardboard would work as well)...

I then used craft glue to attach them to black fabric (I used cotton, but any scrap you have would do)...
I'm making two at a time, you only need one of these.

...Cut around the cardboard at about 1/4in...

...Cut and glue a red tongue to the front (I used felt).

2.) Sew the mouth piece to 'Head A' by centering it and then starting from one mouth edge.

3.) Sew the mouth piece to 'Head B' in the same manner, then sew 'Head A' to 'Head B' at the mouth seam.

4.) Sew the Circle to 'Head A' leaving the ends un-sewn.
I found it very easy to sew without the pins but this somewhat shows the placement.

5.) Sew the body to 'Head B', matching the knit line direction.
Again, easily sewn without the pins, just stretch the smaller body piece to fit the head piece.

7.) Sew the back seam leaving the 'Head A' section open for stuffing, then flatten and sew to round off the bottom of the body.

You can see the back seam is in the middle.

6.)Stuff and hand stitch shut.

7.)  Make the Legs and arms by sewing down one long (3.5in) edge and then sewing a rounded bottom edge.

8.) Stuff, then fold the open end in and hand-stitch shut.

9.)  Sew the eye and limbs in place.

10) For the zipper, I just went to my stash and cut a 7in zipper down to size, whipstitched (stitched around and around in one place) the end, and hand stitched in place.

There's your Sackboy.

I would love to see what you have made! Please join in on the Link Party going on Monday, 1/24/11 through Tuesday, 1/25/11.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Homemade Laundry Soap and Liquid Fabric Softener

I know. I was a little aghast that one could make their own laundry soap, too. But as that thought always does, it ended with a 'well why not'? Someone has to make the stuff that is on the store shelves. Not only that but pioneering women had to make their own soaps for centuries. So why not?

It's not the science experiment you might imagine it to be. You still use some store bought products, but the benefit is that it's much more economical...Less than $1.00 a GALLON! It also won't contain the heavy perfumes like commercial soaps (which frankly give me a headache). Unless, of course, you add them yourself.

The things we need for the Laundry Soap are found in the laundry aisle in my local super store chain, Meijer (but I haven't found Fels Naptha in Walmart). You may have to do some looking or ask an employee, though, as they aren't as commonly used as they once were. The ingredients for the Fabric Softener are common and can be bought at many Dollar stores.

Laundry Soap

You Will Need:

  • Fels Naptha Bar-Less than $2
  • Washing Soda (Not Baking Soda)-Around $3 for a large box
  • Borax-Around $3 for a large box
  • Containers enough to hold 2 Gallons
  • A Large Pot , and Utensils: A Spoon, A Grater, and A Funnel not used for cooking 

1.)  Grate 1/3 of the bar of Fels Naptha and melt it in the pot with 6 Cups of water.

2.) Add 1/2 cup each of Washing Soda and Borax, stir until disolved.

3.) Add 1 Gallon + 10 cups of hot water and stir well. *I use a 5 gallon bucket to add the soap mixture to the water, but this is optional.*

4.) Pour into your containers (I use a cleaned out milk jug and a vinegar jug).

Use 1/2 cup of soap for a normal load of laundry.

You can use the soap right away, but it will set as more of a thin gel over night. You will want to periodically shake the containers to keep it from clumping. I do this by keeping them on top of the washing machine for a couple of days and letting the spin cycle shake it for me. I also give it a good shake before I pour it.

Liquid Fabric Softener

Liquid Fabric Softener is mixed right in the jug. For 1 jug simply mix: One 15 oz. Bottle of Hair Conditioner (the one pictured is 32 oz. and purchased at the dollar store), 3 Cups White Vinegar (no, your clothes won't smell vinegar-y), and 6 Cups Water.

Shake it up to mix, and use as you would with the store bought stuff.

P.S. There's an awesome giveaway from Fat Quarter Shop over at Adventures in Dressmaking... check it out!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Still Here

No, I didn't go anywhere. I haven't posted for so long! Don't worry though, I have many projects on the plans or in the works.

Coming up:

How to Make a "Sack Boy" based on the Little Big Planet Character
A Nifty Necklace
Stained Glass Sewing
Easy Peasy Purse
A Jacket or Vest with Fun Fur Lining
and Something with a plaid jumper...I haven't decided yet

Meanwhile... be inspired:

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And don't forget to visit the others I have listed to the right and left.