Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pretty in Plaid: Link Party Feature Plus Another Clothing Makeover

So the Link Party wasn't a smashing success. I still hold out hope, though. I would like to make it a regular feature here, so please let me know in the comments if you would actually participate. Remember, Link Parties are a great way to cross promote your blog and find new favorites.

Emma from Flytape was lovely enough to share her recent makeover of a side-of-the-road-find. Check out the transformation:

She made this pillar a great place to keep her laptop!

I also love Emma's other projects, like...

Bottle cap Catcher

Watchband Makeover

Christmas Lights Ball

 Head on over to Flytape and get to know her!

Pretty in Plaid

Oh yeah, rockin' a plaid jumper. The label says it's a "Ty Original"... sorry Ty, there's nothing original about a plaid jumper.

I am diggin' the plaid, though. So I think I'll just make it over.
First to go are those pockets.

Then a cut just above the waist to sever the bodice (I'm keeping this and it may make an appearance later)

The skirt portion is split on both sides and fringed at the bottom (who says a 3rd Grade Teacher can't be sexy?), and that's gonna go.

I cut some 4in. strips from a black lining fabric...

Made some bias tape from a piece of the fringed bottom...

and put the two together...

Next I did the ruffle shuffle...

and sewed it in place at the bottom edge.

After some elastic at the waist, I have a new skirt.
I really must pay more attention to those threads BEFORE the picture is taken. LOL


  1. I had a hard time. It said the time was up. I tried.

  2. Sorry about that. The link part ran Monday through 11:59pm Tuesday. I will have another one next Monday, please join in then. :)

  3. Cute refashion! I love the ruffled edge.