Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Egg Carton Fire-Starters

OK so this really doesn't fall into the crafty category... so sue me.

It's the time of year our wood stove is making the Michigan Winter a little more cozy and, let me tell you, getting that fire started some days is like pulling teeth...without anesthetic...and rusty a rusty pair of pliers. To make this task easier, I was told to make egg carton fire-starters.

They. Are. Awesome!

So, if you have a fireplace, like to go camping, or know someone this might make a fun gift for...

You Will Need:
  • Recycled Material Egg Carton(not Styrofoam)
  • Dryer Lint (you read that right)
  • Cotton String
  • Wax (old candles work well)

First, get your wax melting. You can place it in a sealed baggie in a pan of water heating on the stove or in a glass measuring cup in a pan.

Egg cartons are a little awkward to cut and I found a box cutter to simplify things. I cut the carton into strips of cups (otherwise they won't stand up) and placed them on an old cookie sheet. Then I put a piece of the cotton string in each one.

A piece of dryer lint goes on top...

When the wax is melted, pour a little in each cup, wetting the lint. If you want a more pleasant look you may also put a pine cone in the cup at this point.

Let the wax cool and you have your fire-starter.


  1. You can also do this in small dixie cups with wood chips...........say you use your chainsaw. place the chainsaw chips in a 2 or 3 ounce paper cup and pour over some hot wax. You don't even need a wick, Let dry and just light the cup.....These work so well.
    Great great fire starters!
    Love Jody :-)

  2. Alison this is great! I'm gonna make some of these for my pyromaniac hub. It'll be a post-Christmas Christmas gift. And I hoard egg cartons so all i have to do is do the laundry and voila, I'll have everything I need. SO cool! Ya, that's a craft in my books!

  3. I've never seen them made like this. Super cute! Thanks for the idea, I'll be linking.

  4. i make these all the time. don't bother to cut the egg cartons apart - fill each cup as you said. once they harden they are sooooo easy to just break into individual cups. you won't need the wick either b/c enough of each cup is left to catch the flame!

  5. I used to make and sell these to a local hardware store. They really work. I used old muffin tins for them.

  6. I've created a blog post link on my blog to your tutorial so others can enjoy it. And, by the way, I think your tutorial definately falls into the crafty category! Cheers!

  7. Another great tip. Thanks Lorena!

    And thank YOU, Flash! :)

  8. alison just thought i'd let you know that i made some of these today! thanks for the great idea!