Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Super Last Minute New Year's Eve Decor- Another Disco Ball

I really had no plan of making this little ditty, but I saw shiny foil cupcake wrappers and as I find myself influenced by Aunt Peaches creative uses for culinary accessories, I was sold.

So to start with, I bought 3 containers of the cupcake wrappers and it ended up being just enough.

P.S. You get double the papers since there is a white liner between the foil ones...just look at the pile of crafting fodder I have left! Maybe I'll have to make a Lotus Blossom Ball like Aunt Peaches' in the link above.

You'll need:
  • Some kind of large ball, I used a paper lantern from Halloween (Dollar Store item!)
  • Foil Cupcake Wrappers 
  • Hot Glue and Gun

1) Begin by gluing the  wrappers onto the ball. **Remember that foil heats very well so be careful.

2.) When the ball is covered, you will glue another wrapper inside the ones already attached. First squish it a little...

...then glue it into the center of a wrapper.
I don't know if you can tell what you're looking at, but take a look at the wrappers below and you'll see the difference.

That's really it. Just hang it in a spot where it will catch the light and you will have a beautiful party decoration.


  1. OMG GURL, this is amazing!!!!!! I have seen several similar projects but no one has used the foil cups! Brilliant!
    And this is another project I would live to hang up all year round.... Or do several small ones for next years Xmas tree. Where will the fun ever end?!?

  2. So cute and fun! :) You are so creative!

  3. But... why not...

    1. Punch holes in cupcake foils and lantern
    2. Insert led string lights from inside of lantern. Secure with little dot of hot glue.
    3. Win.


  4. WOW, love this, so festive. I think the kids would love this. I'm sharing this craft with my group Holiday & Party Crafts over at Cafemom. Our Mom's are going to love this. thanks for sharing this.

  5. can not see the pictures don't know what you are doing

  6. I wasn't able to see the pictures either. Really would have helped. Did I do something wrong. This looks great, but wasn't able to see how to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I can't see the pictures either

  8. I can not see the pictures either ???

  9. I can not see any of the pictures on this page or any other page on your site, what is wrong, I come to your page a lot amd I was able to see them before.....Please help...<3