Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jean Pocket Slippers: Last Minute Gift or Just Plain Fun

Those of you from my Facebook Friends, will know what's coming. I made a pair of these for myself just a few months ago, and I love them. Jean Pocket slippers are fun, a little funky, and a great way to use the stylish back pockets from jeans that have seen better days.

So here is the how-to for Jean Pocket Slippers (Sorry for the poor picture quality. I had to use my phone camera):

You will Need:
  • A pair of jeans with back pockets
  • Stuffing (i.e. batting scraps, fiber fill, or foam)
  • Puffy Paint

1.) To start with, measure your feet, length and width. Add 1.5 inches to each measurement. [For point of reference, I wear size 6.5 to 7 in (U.S) Women's shoes and I will be using my measurements]  Draw and cut out a rectangle of these dimensions on paper. Round off one of the short ends.
Mine is 5 inches wide and 10.5 inches long.

2.) Using a seam ripper, detach the back pockets from your jeans, and press the edges open.

3.) Cut four pieces of jean using your paper pattern.

4.) Sandwich your pocket pieces between your jean pieces and pin in place...
Jean pieces are right-sides together
You will notice the pocket pieces are larger than your jean pieces... if they aren't you won't have room to slip your feet into them. To pin the pockets in the proper place, put the points of the pocket at the edges of your Jean pieces. Then adjust the straight sides of the pocket so that they match the side edges of the jean piece.
Here, one side is done so you can see the difference.
Once pinned you can trim the fabric following the points of the pocket.

5.) Starting where the jean piece begins to curve, sew 1/4 inch around the edge (catching all the layers) and stop on the opposite side where the curve begins. This leaves the back open for stuffing. For added durability, I like to zig-zag the edge.

6.) Turn right-side out, and stuff.
This may seem like a lot of batting, but as the slippers are used, the batting will smoosh down.

7.) Starting under the pocket, top stitch around the back edge folding in the open curve edges. (you can also top stitch around the pocket if you prefer)

8.) Lastly, to avoid slippy-sliding use puffy paint to make tread lines on the bottom. Your slippers will be ready to wear when the paint is dry.

These look great when you use the pockets with rhinestones and special embroidery!
Rock Star Slippers


  1. Thanks! This pair went to a sister, and she like them. :)

  2. These are just adorable - I'm a big fan of slippers, but never would have thought of making some out of jeans pockets! Mind if I mention these in an upcoming podcast?

  3. I wouldn't mind at all. Thank you!

  4. Oh yes,its pretty cool..very nice..keep it up creative buddy..following you to admire..