Monday, December 6, 2010

Lovely Flower Lanterns

You'll notice the list to the right, of my favorite blogs. These are the ones I visit on a regular (if not daily) basis and one such favorite is Aunt Peaches. She has a great mixture of funky, elegant, eccentric (feather tiara for a Feline Fanailow, anyone?), and down-right awesome crafting projects.

Before my life was (gladly) interrupted by room construction and the holiday...I was just itching to make this gorg flower hanging ball. I know...I'm so girly. I picture two of these hanging in my sewing room/hide-away.

While the drywall dust was flying, I picked up two Halloween themed lanterns at the dollar store (seriously, is there anything I can't get there!?) and a couple Styrofoam craft balls.

Per Peaches' instruction, I crafted the flowers from coffee filters, and hot glued them on.

And since I'm terribly inpatient, I had to see how it would look with a pretty center glued in before I finished my first row...

So far I have two rows plus two flowers on the lantern, but I ran out of coffee filters (gasp!). Luckily, I will be supply grocery shopping later today. ;)

This is a little more work than the coffee filter roses, but definitely worth the effort.

Sorry for the sporadic posting as of late. You all know I took a break for my sewing room. It was finished just in time for Thanksgiving here in the U.S. and my house guests. We had lovely time spending virtually every day with family for a week and a half. (It was a little hectic, but I wouldn't have had it any other way)

I will be posting more Christmas themed projects as well as a gift idea or two.

Happy Monday! *snicker*

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