Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Link Party Favorites: The Crafty Scientist and Suzy's Artsy Craftsy Sitcom

I'm sorry this blog is getting out late today. There was a difficulty in getting online, but all's well now.

I really liked all the crafts from yesterday's link party, but I must say Suzy's Faux Inlay project rocked my socks. I love, love, love old wooden furniture and that was a great way to spruce up a side table!

The printable from Mel ,The Crafty Scientist was perfect for Valentine's Day. I thought this would make a cute tee shirt.

***Important: When printing something out on Iron-On Transfer Paper, remember to flip the image in editing software so that the words are not backwards when you iron it on. (Not that I've made that mistake or anything...)

Thank you everyone that participated!  Angi, at Creative Bliss, keeps things organized on her pretty Dry-Erase Menu Board. Jenna shared her easy cosmetic case with us at SewHappyGeek@Excell Crafts.

The link party is slowly but surely growing and I intend to keep it going so more and more people can join in the fun. Tomorrow, making a necklace using an unusual material.


  1. Thank you SOOOOO much for featuring me! Sorry I didn't see it until now - I sort of wait until the next linky party and look at posts between now and then (because artsy posts in Google Reader just aren't as exciting to me), but I'm super-excited and I would LOOOOOVE to see this on a shirt if you make it! Glad you liked my work and thanks again!

  2. P.S. Do you have a featured on button? I'm still VERY new at this and get super-unbelievably crazy excited about that stuff? (I know it's kind of lame, but I figure I'll enjoy it while I can!)

  3. I only have the two buttons on the left. Please feel free to grab one. :)