Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Quilted Valentine's Day Card

Everyone hunkering down for the blizzard? We've got plenty of snow so far in front steps are somewhere under the drifts. Bright side? Snowy Day = Perfect time for a quick craft!

When I wanted to do something special for my kids on Valentine's Day, I stumbled upon the idea for Quilted Postcards online. I thought this was one of those projects a little like coloring... quick, easy, and really let you relax in some creativity. (I was right.)

To make your own Quilted Valentines, you will need a few scraps of fabric and batting (you could use some stabilizer or extra fabric if you don't have batting).

1.) Cut 2 pieces of fabric and one piece of batting into 4in. x 6in. pieces, plus a heart. If you're making one for Grandma, why not print a picture of the Grandkids onto one of the fabric pieces?

2.) Now you must decide on your design.

*Option 1*If you want the back fabric (where you will write) without stitching, you will need to do your quilting and attach the heart with just the top fabric and batting together. This was how I did the Valentines in the first picture.

For this tutorial, I want the quilting to be an accent on the back. So I...

*Option 2* ...sandwiched the batting between the top and backing fabric, and sewed them together around the edge. If you have a serger this would be a great time to use it. Myself, I just zigzag. (This would be the last step if you're going with the first option.)

3.) Sew your quilting lines on the sewing machine.

4.) Attach your heart and stitch the edges down with a zigzag.

5.) Add your message.

I'd like to add a page just for pictures of your own versions of my tutorials. So please feel free to email those pics!


  1. That's so cute! I'm already thinking about what fabric to use to make one for the hubby!

  2. The one from this tutorial is pinned on the wall in my husband's office. He says now he'll always remember that I loved him in 2011. LOL :)

  3. Very lovely cards. Thank you for the tutorial.

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