Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shirt to Skirt Tutorial: The Fourth and Final Olympic Tee

The second off-white olympic tee is in for a completely different use... and I think it's my favorite! We're going to cut, sew, and add a little embellishment to turn a so-so top into a cute bottom (and we all want a cute bottom).

1.) Cut the Sleeves off keeping it in alignment with the sides of the shirt.

2.) Cut the shoulders to form a straight line at the top.

3.) Cut the bottom to the length you want your skirt, plus an inch (add more if you will be making a casing for your elastic).

4.) We're going to make some easy (What? Yes, I said easy!) pockets using the front half of the sleeves. Cut only the front portion of the sleeves about an inch from the curved seam, then fold inward and stitch down.

5.) On the piece you cut from the bottom, cut in half at the sides. You will use one piece to make your pockets.

I'm not entirely sure which is best... sewing the piece on now, or after you embellish. Here's what I did:

6.) Sew one piece to the pocket-front, stitching across the top/waist.


7.) Flip the piece to the inside of the skirt and stitch across the bottom edge, and then down the center. Easy pockets!

8.) Sew the open side seams together-Right-Sides together, of course.

9.) Now for the fun part... embellishing! Using some coordinating lace or trim, make patches to cover the silk-screening.

The Black Lace I was planning on using was a little too see-through. So I cut patches from leftover pieces, to go with the lace.


10.) When you are satisfied with your arrangement, sew your patches in place.

*** This is where I am torn about making the pockets prior to embellishing. If I waited to make the pockets I would have had the straight stitching lines running through the patches. However, since I made the pockets first, I had to arrange the patches so as not to sew the pockets shut.

If you opt to embellish first, at this point you would sew in your pocket panel using steps 6 and 7.

11.) Hem the Waist and Bottom edge of your skirt, and add your elastic. I chose to use the shirring technique as I did in the second Blue and Black Skiing shirt.

There you have it. A really simple skirt with pockets.

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