Friday, October 22, 2010

Remake: Ruffled Poncho

It's that time of year in the North-Midwest. There's frost on the grass in the morning, Apple Cider is a grocery staple, and cozying up in your favorite blanket with a mug of coffee/cocoa/tea is a luxury we all indulge in.

Wouldn't we love it if we could stay wrapped up in our blankets all day? But that would make it a shawl or poncho... well there's an idea! And that's where my two yard sale finds com in.

A chenille yarn throw and a full length knit skirt. Fifty cents each!

As you can see, the blanket is a little worn. The tag on it says "Dry Clean Only", and the easiest way to take care of that is to cut the tag off. Really, I'm not going to dry clean it. I just pop it in the wash to get any shrinking done and over with.

**Note to self: chenille yarn doesn't fuzzed out all over the washing machine**

1.)So with everything washed and dried, I trim off the scraggly ends.

2.) Fold the blanket into fourths, and cut a shallow neck hole. You may want to use a shirt as a guide. (Remember: Start small!)

3.) Unfold once (so it's only folded in half: short ends together at the bottom), cut down the center from neck to bottom edge.

4.) Cut strips from the skirt. I cut four strips about 4 inches wide and then sewed three pieces together to make a long ruffle around the neck and down the front, with one piece to trim the bottom edges. Of course how many you need to cut etc. will all depend upon your available materials.

5.) Pin and stitch the trim in place.

6.) Wear! The edges are a little rough yet, I might make my own bias tape and sew that on later.

I just noticed the strings hanging down. LOL I missed those ones but since it's all stitched, it's easily taken care of with a quick snip.