Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Light and Fluffy: The Continuing Saga of the Olympic T-Shirts

Set #2: Off White with Colorful Screen Printing

These shirts had me stumped for a few days. I had the same problem as with the blue and black shirts, but I didn't want to just copy my previous makeovers. I decided to borrow an idea from Suzannah at Adventures in Dress Making, who had borrowed the idea from a J. Crew Tank Top (you can't stop the inspiration).

1.) (Using only one of the shirts) I cut the tee at my hip. This is where I will add a fitted band of ribbing.

2.) Cut the bottom piece into strips, and then cut these strips into rectangles and squares of various sizes.

3.) On each of these squares/rectangles stretch two opposite ends, making them roll in.

4.) Here is where I altered the neckline (cut the shoulder seams a couple of inches and stitch down as I stated in yesterday's tutorial), and attached the fitted ribbing band at the bottom. I pinned it in place and stretched the band as I sewed, to fit it to the larger t-shirt edge.

5.) with the two curled edges on the sides, pleat and pin the cut pieces onto the shirt. Stitch down only at the top edge of each piece (I do this by stitching across the entire row).

After they are all stitched down you have a light and fluttery new top!

Tomorrow we tackle the evil twin!


  1. Wow!...
    The reconstructions are super clever! Your blog is delightful!
    I think the bib ruffle is my fave... But all of them are adorable!!

    Have you considered doing the No Sew Tutu as an Instructable? It's one of the sweetest I have seen.

    xxoo, Betty

  2. Thank you so much! My favorite is coming up, tomorrow.

    ...And what is an Instructible? :)